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13 Things Candidates Want to Know During an Interview

By the SpyGlass Partners Blog

Interviews are a great way to get to know a candidate you may be considering adding to your team. Some hiring managers, however, forget that an interview is also the time to sell your organization to the candidate. With the current candidate market being so hot, it’s important to be upfront with prospective talent about what they can expect in the role they are interviewing for as well as the makeup of the company.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 13 things candidates might want to know from you during an interview:

  1. Talk about the salary package/benefits for the role early on.
  2. What is the day-to-day like for the role? Will they be on-call, are they expected to work certain hours?
  3. Is the office pet-friendly? – This can be an added incentive for people who are pet owners.
  4. What does success look like in the role?
  5. Is training/continuing education available through the company?
  6. What is the in-office schedule? – is it hybrid, on site, remote?
  7. Are there incentives for hitting certain goals?
  8. What would their potential growth plan look like?
  9. How big is the team they’ll be working on?
  10. What is the reporting structure? Who do they report to?
  11. What do they need to wear in the office? Are they expected to dress up for on-camera meetings?
  12. Tell them what you enjoy about the company.
  13. What have the past exit interviews taught you? After people have left – what have you learned from their feedback?

When you interview a candidate, make sure to put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know if you were interviewing for this role? What do you wish someone told you about your company/department before coming on-board? Another thing we suggest is giving candidates an opportunity to speak with employees that are in similar roles as the one they’re interviewing for at the company. This will help the individual gain a better sense of how other employees at their level make an impact at the organization.

If you’d like to learn more about interview best practices or are struggling to find candidates for a role at your company, contact us today!

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