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4 Ways to Attract Talent in Today’s Market

By the SpyGlass Partners Blog

It’s no secret that the job market has become increasingly competitive. Stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, The Great Resignation has created an unanticipated level of competition within the job market for both candidates and employers. With top talent being taken out of the job market just as fast as they entered, how do you stand out from other companies and position your organization as a desirable employer? We surveyed over 5,000 jobseekers within the IT industry about what they are looking for from their ideal employer during the hiring process. Based on our survey results as well as daily conversations with our candidates, here are the top 4 things that can make your business stand out to candidates.

1. Consider offering a remote or hybrid workplace model.

Now more than ever, employees are asking for flexibility when it comes to their work environment. In a recent survey, Growmotely reported that only 3% of workers want to return to the office, with another 74% of those surveyed saying they expect remote work to be the standard moving forward (Forbes). When considering the type of work environment for a new hire, ask yourself if there are any concrete reasons for the employee to have to be in the office full time. Is there portable equipment you can provide? Do employees have access files online? Having employees physically go into the office might not be as necessary as you think.

2. Offer a competitive or above market compensation package.

Between multiple states increasing their minimum wage at the turn of the year and the cost-of-living skyrocketing across the country, workers in all industries are demanding higher wages and robust benefits packages – and they’re willing to hold out for the right one. Before beginning the hiring process, research the industry average for the position you are hiring for in the region where they live, then try to aim for the higher end of the scale.

3. Clearly define your job descriptions.

One of the biggest complaints our candidates give us about their previous employers is that their job ended up being completely different than their original job description. Giving someone even one extra responsibility can be enough to edit or add to their job description. Poorly written job descriptions may also put you at risk for legal implications.

4. Streamline your hiring process

Streamlining your hiring process begins with creating transparency between all parties involved. Start by outlining the interview/hiring process for potential candidates up front. Responsiveness and timely feedback are also critical since candidates typically have multiple offers to choose from. Consolidating multiple interviews between candidates and a single member of your team into a group interview can also save you critical time. Lastly, consider having a technical white board interview discussion with candidates rather than up front coding assessment.

The talent pool is small and continues to shrink with every passing day. Work with a staffing agency that has extensive practical and industry experience, specializing in placing candidates in the field you are hiring for to make sure your company stands out above the rest.

A true staffing partner should help you navigate any market, especially in times like the Great Resignation. At Spyglass Partners, we combine 20+ years of staff experience in the IT industry with our staffing knowledge to help position your business as a desired employer, while delivering high-quality candidates. If you’re ready to work with a true staffing partner through The Great Resignation and beyond, use our contact us page to get in touch with us today.

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